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The Lumen de Lumine Album Project

The Lumen de Lumine album is the first of its kind project to support and promote new and emerging composers across the world, providing them with an opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise be available; to have their work recorded, produced and released commercially by an established record label.


Released this September on the Convivium Records label, and available on Itunes and Spotify, the project features 14 brand new works by 12 emerging composers from around the world, lighting the way for their future and the future of choral music itself. You can see the behind the scenes video of recording below, and get the most up-to-date news by following us on social media - #lumendelumine

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Praise for Lumen


"Absolutely beautiful, and a great programme...thank you"


"We stumbled across your concert last weekend and thought it was fantastic. We've been to a number of choral concerts recently but yours really stood out"


"I had goosebumps all the way through, it was just so atmospheric.

In Lumen Benjamin really has created something very special"







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